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Earnings Disclaimer

At CyberExcelAcademy, we are committed to providing high-quality training in cybersecurity and assisting our students in securing job opportunities within a 45-day timeframe. While we strive to deliver exceptional support and resources to help you achieve your career goals, it's important to understand and acknowledge certain disclaimers related to earnings and job placement.

Individual Results May Vary

The results achieved by our students can vary based on several factors, including your prior experience, dedication, and market conditions. CyberExcelAcademy does not guarantee specific earnings, job offers, or career outcomes. Success in the cybersecurity field depends on your efforts and the job market's demand.


Job Placement Not Guaranteed

While we provide job search assistance and guidance, CyberExcelAcademy does not guarantee job placement. Securing a job is ultimately dependent on your skills, qualifications, and the availability of job openings in your desired location and field of expertise.


No Income Promises

CyberExcelAcademy does not make any promises or representations regarding potential income or salary levels you may achieve after completing our program. Your earnings are contingent on various external factors, and we do not provide income guarantees.


Continuous Effort Required

Success in cybersecurity requires continuous learning, adaptation, and effort. Our program provides you with the knowledge and tools, but it's your responsibility to apply them effectively and remain up-to-date with industry developments.


Third-Party Certifications

While we offer support for acquiring relevant certifications, obtaining these certifications is subject to the requirements and policies of third-party certifying bodies. CyberExcelAcademy does not have control over the certification process.


No Financial Advice

CyberExcelAcademy does not provide financial or investment advice. Any decisions you make regarding your career or finances are your own responsibility and should be made with careful consideration and, if necessary, consultation with a financial advisor.


Program Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for our training program, but it does not imply specific earnings or job placement outcomes. If you are not satisfied with the program structure, you are eligible for a refund according to our refund policy which permits refund within 24hrs if user did not login to the program dashboard.


By enrolling in CyberExcelAcademy's Ultimate Cybersecurity Program, you acknowledge and accept these earnings disclaimers. Your success is determined by your individual efforts, skills, and circumstances. We are here to support you throughout your learning journey and job search, but the ultimate outcome is in your hands.


Best regards,

CyberExcelAcademy Customer Support

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