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Refund / Cancellation Policy

Thank you for choosing CyberExcelAcademy for your Cybersecurity training needs. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive training and support to help you excel in the field of Cybersecurity Governance, risk, and compliance. Before enrolling in our program, please take a moment to carefully review our No Refund Policy, which outlines the terms and conditions of your enrollment.

Comprehensive Support and Benefits:

CyberExcelAcademy is dedicated to the success of our students and provides a range of valuable benefits to enhance their learning journey:


LinkedIn Profile Optimization:

We offer guidance on optimizing students' LinkedIn profiles to increase their professional visibility in the job market.


Prerecorded Videos and Live Classes:

Students have access to prerecorded video content for self-paced learning and weekly practical live classes held on Saturdays for interactive and hands-on experience.


Interview Preparation:

We offer coaching to help students excel in interviews, equipping them with the skills needed to impress potential employers.


Resume Creation:

Our expert coaches assist students in crafting effective resumes that highlight their skills and achievements.


Job Search and Application Coaching:

Students receive guidance on job search strategies, proper application techniques, and effective ways to showcase their qualifications.


Certification Assistance:

CyberExcelAcademy provides support in acquiring relevant Cybersecurity certifications to enhance students' credentials.


Job Market Disclaimer:

 While our strategies have proven successful in helping many students secure lucrative job opportunities, we want to emphasize that job placement cannot be guaranteed 100%. The job market is dynamic and external factors beyond our control may impact your employment prospects.


One Month On-the-Job Support:

Successful students receive one month of on-the-job support to ensure a smooth transition into their new roles.


Commitment to Your Success:

CyberExcelAcademy is deeply committed to your success and growth. We encourage you to actively participate in the training, utilize the resources provided, and engage with our support services to maximize the benefits of your enrollment.


Refund Policy:

CyberExcelAcademy strictly adheres to a refund policy that permits refunds only within 24 hours after payment, provided that the user has not logged into the program or accessed any of the program's resources during this period. This policy is in place to maintain fairness for all parties involved and to sustain the high-quality standards of our program.


Reasons for this policy:

  • Immediate Access: Upon enrollment, our students are given credentials to enable access to our valuable resources and training materials. Allowing refunds beyond the initial 24 hours would risk abuse of this access, potentially resulting in unauthorized use and the sharing of proprietary materials.

  • Program Quality: To maintain the high-quality standards of our program, we rely on consistent enrollment and investment from our students. Allowing refunds outside the initial 24-hour period could lead to enrollment fluctuations, potentially impacting the overall program experience.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy, which is designed to ensure that CyberExcelAcademy can continue to offer a top-tier learning experience to all of our valued students.

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